OCA Ethnic Chinese Language Cultural School

Founded in 1980, OCA Ethnic Chinese Language Cultural School is a Chinese school legally registered by the Australian National Education Commission. With the hard work, perseverance, and perseverance of the predecessors, the previous councils and the Chinese compatriots, the school has grown from nothing, from small to large, with the hard work of several generations!


At present, the school has one main campus and two branch campuses. The main school is located at 110 Crittenden Rd Findon. The branches are located at Burnside Community Centre and Murray Bridge. Like government schools, an academic year is divided into two learning stages and four terms. The first and second semesters are the first half of the school year, and the third and fourth semesters are the second half of the school year. The first weekend of each semester is the start day.


Findon Headquarters has classes every Saturday, with morning and afternoon classes synchronously taught. Each class is two and a half hours: morning class 10:00-12:30, afternoon class 1:15-3:45. There is a 15-minute break between classes. Teachers will be on duty at the venue during breaks. Classes are held every Sunday at Burnside. Two hours per class. Morning classes 1:00-3:00 Pinyin classes, grades 2 and 4; afternoon classes 3:30-5:30 grades 1, 3, and 5. Classes at Murray Bridge are from 10:30-12:30 every Saturday.


The textbook used by the school is the textbook “Chinese” compiled by the School of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University and the corresponding A and B workbooks. Senior grades will add “General Knowledge of Chinese Culture”, “General Knowledge of Chinese History” and “General Knowledge of Chinese Geography”. Through systematic study, students will gradually master the content of the textbook from pinyin, new words, word formation, sentence making to composition, laying a solid foundation for the children to communicate in Chinese in the future.


In order to stimulate the children’s interest in learning Chinese, under the guidance of the teachers, each class has set up a learning area on the board newspaper in the classroom. Children can post their own compositions and drawings on the board. At the end of each year, the children will be awarded full attendance awards, top three awards, etc.


In order to create a language environment for children to learn Chinese, learn more about Chinese culture, and consolidate the knowledge learned in school in life practice, the school regularly organizes various activities: Children’s Day on June 1, holiday interest classes, and the Little Literary Award Wait.


Chinese characters are the root of our Chinese nation. Teaching Chinese and promoting traditional Chinese culture is the responsibility of every Chinese. May we join hands and work together to cultivate outstanding Chinese descendants with integrity, honesty, kindness and gratitude!

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