There has been a longstanding dispute as to whether the Overseas Chinese Association of South Australia (OCA) elected on 17 February 2021 (Irena Zhang’s Committee) is the legitimate OCA committee elected pursuant to OCA’s Constitution.On 21 February 2021 Meng Yao published an article on a WeChat page titled ‘Trumpet of OCA’ challenging the validity of the AGM and the election held on 17 February 2021.In response to Mr Yao’s article, Ms Zhang and Irena Zhang’s Committee published articles on 14 March 2021 and 28 March 2021 in response to Mr Yao’s article dated 21 February 2021.Mr Yao then published two further articles on the ‘Trumpet of OCA’ page dated 30 March 2021 and 2 April 2021 disputing Irena Zhang’s Committee’s articles.Further articles were published by Irena Zhang’s Committee on 5 April 2021, 11 October 2021, 14 October 2021 and 15 October 2021 in response to allegations made in Mr Yao’s articles.In addition, comments adverse to Meng Yao were made in WeChat posts.Meng Yao and Yan Liu have filed legal proceedings against members of Irena Zhang’s Committee and others in relation to these articles.On 30 August 2022, all the parties to these Court proceedings held a mediation in the District Court of South Australia and reached a resolution of all the disputes.As part of the resolution, the respondents named accept that the articles and posts that have been published make serious allegations and have caused distress to Meng Yao and Yan Liu and apologise.

In moving forward, we hope that all members consider the health and wellbeing of everyone in OCA and maintain the integrity of OCA.