The fragrance of flowers is refreshing, and laughter is accompanied by true feelings. On April 6th, it was peaceful and the autumn was high and fresh. An autumn outing team composed of the Chinese elder care service staff of the Hualian Association, respected elders, Wang Jiaqi, the vice president of the Hualian Association, and the interns of the Hualian Association, were very interested. Bo Bo boarded the cruise ship docked at the Murray Bridge Pier. On the cruise ship, everyone spent a beautiful, pleasant, relaxing and unforgettable day.

At 8:30 in the morning on April 6, the bus arrived at the gate of the Hualian Association. The elders boarded the car one by one under the guidance of the staff. With the start of the bus, the elders’ day trip by boat on the Murray River officially started. In the car, the staff introduced the precautions for travel and the relevant information of the Murray River in Cantonese and Mandarin respectively. After an hour-and-a-half drive, everyone finally arrived at the Murray Bridge Pier. The captain and the ship’s staff warmly welcomed everyone to board the ship at the pier. After the captain gave a brief introduction to the cruise and the voyage, everyone began to order meals and have free activities. The elders were busy taking pictures in the bow of the boat, or drinking coffee and chatting in the cabin. Whether inside or outside the cabin, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Murray River. The sparkling lake, the beautiful scenery and buildings along the shore, and the black swans, mallard ducks and other water birds that live in the lake are all refreshing. At 12 o’clock, lunch began to be served one after another. The sound of babbling water and beautiful scenery make this lunch special. After lunch, the staff organized some small games. At the beginning of the game, everyone was a little cautious. After several rounds of the game, the atmosphere became active, and everyone actively participated in the game. Laughter filled the cabin, floating on the Murray River. All culminated in the relaxed, pleasant atmosphere of a day trip.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the cruise ship returned to the pier on time, and the day trip was coming to an end. Under the organization of the staff, everyone disembarked in a safe and orderly manner and boarded the bus. After an hour and a half drive, everyone arrived at the Hualian Association safely. The Murray River day trip came to a successful conclusion.

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