Adult Community Education Program

The Overseas Chinese Association also offers the Adult Community Education Program. Two of these programs are “English for all” which teaches basic English to Adult learners and “Basic Computer Lessons”. These programs are aimed at learners that are slightly more senior in years. 


These courses will benefit anyone who is looking to learn English for the first time. Although unaccredited, the course teaches learners basic vocabulary and grammar, allowing them to be able to do basic activities that may be required of them if they were looking for a job, like filling in forms for example. The English classes are taught by a contracted teacher with the relevant experience in teaching adult learners. 


Our “Basic Computer Lessons” teach our adult learners about the basics of using a computer. These lessons are suited to adults who have never used a computer before and would like to learn how to use them for them most basic applications. For example, checking, receiving and sending emails, or surfing the web. As mentioned before the course is not accredited, and it is delivered by a teacher with the relevant experience in teaching adult learners. 


Although the courses are unaccredited, they are provided by the Overseas Chinese Association free of charge. The lessons for the “English for all” course take place 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 10 am to 12 noon, and the “Basic Computer Lessons” take place on Monday, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. 


The Tax help program is provided by the Australian Taxation Office. This service is tailored to the Chinese Community as it is provided by a Chinese speaking Tax Help volunteer.